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Differences between and

It goes without saying that dating a Filipino woman is a completely different experience to dating a Chinese woman, and depending on what kind of relationship you want in life, a woman from either of these respective countries offers a rather different experience. This blog posting is more about how the respective dating sites and work. I'll talk about what I feel are the differences between women from the two countries in a different posting.

I would describe the websites -- which are all owned and operated by the same company in Australia I believe -- as "buffet" dating services. That is, you pay a fixed amount and you can email and connect with as many partners as you have time for., on the other hand, could be described as an à la carte online dating service. That is, you pay for each piece you order off the menu: each letter back and forth is paid for. This different model of payment has a profound effect on the resulting relationships you are likely to develop.

One big advantage of is, when you are communicating with a given lady on the other side (in China, that is), you know she is not being bombarded with hundreds of letters. You know this because each letter costs some man on this side anything from $4 to $8, depending on how many credits he has purchased from Chnlove. This, I know from first-hand personal experience, has a profound effect on the quality of each communication.
Also, the price per letter has made me very disciplined about the letters I write, and it keeps the number of ladies I am prepared to talk with to a minimum. The cost also makes me write long letters, since it costs the same whether you type 1,000 characters or 6,000 characters. This improves my chances of developing a good relationship with the lady on the receiving end.

Another advantage of over the websites is, each lady online is required to prove their identity, get photographed professionally, weighed and measured before their profile is uploaded by the agency itself. profiles can be, well, a pack of lies.
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FilipinoCupid, com, on the other hand, is a free for all. You will notice that when your profile is active and you are online, you might get bombarded with hundreds of online chat requests, as well as offers to connect waiting for you in your inbox. It is hard to keep track of it all, and even harder to work out who the serious women are.

A disadvantage of seeing only professionally taken profile pictures is that a lady often looks a lot plainer in real life. On a few occasions, I was shocked to see the real lady when the photo arrived.
In some cases, I would not have recognized the person in reality if I were to use the professionally taken photo as a guide.
So, be careful not to fall in love with the studio photo, and be sure to ask her for a few real photos before you get too involved. She may look a WHOLE lot different in reality than she does in her studio photos.

In the long run, you are better off filtering out the half-hearted prospective mates like Chnlove does for you simply by how it is structured.

The differences between Filipinas and Chinese women will be covered in another blog posting.

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