Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Wish List for

Having spent over a $1,000 on credits so far on and having communicated with a few dozen ladies there, I have come up with a Wish List for what I believe would improve the Chnlove dating website service for everyone.

Let's face it, the Chnlove website is a bit dated. (No pun intended). It's also hosted (as far as I can determine) in Hong Kong, so it's not going to give you fast responses if you are browsing it Stateside.

Here is my wishlist for the website, and the Chnlove dating service in general:
  1. Encourage ladies to write longer letters. I have lost track of the number of letters I got that were a half dozen or so lines long. When the man is paying $4 and upwards per letter, it gets pretty expensive when a lady jots down a few lines and sends it to you. I have discontinued a number of relationships because the lady would insist on sending a very short letter every day. Perhaps the owners of Chnlove could encourage each lady to use up most of the 6,000 characters allowed. (I am assuming they have an equivalent limit when typing Chinese). Perhaps they could have a "star" system or "grade" system that encourages them to add images and to write a letter of decent length.
  2. Insist on at least one natural photo on her profile. So many times, when I finally got a natural photo from a lady on the site, it was SO DIFFERENT from the staged, studio quality photos on her profile. Just yesterday, I finally got a natural photo, taken with probably a mobile phone, from my lady. In this, I could clearly see that her teeth were not nearly as perfectly lined up as they were in the profile pictures. So, I went back to look again at her profile pictures, zoomed in to her mouth, and I could see the subtle Photoshop touch-up marks on the image. I know it's what people do (touch up photos using Photoshop), and it's great to look at these often fantastically beautiful studio photos, but it can be a great disappointment when you finally get to see what the lady actually looks like. Sooner or later, the REAL woman must present herself.
    From the other side -- the men's side of -- I know it is in my interests to let the lady know what I look like and what I bring to the table in general, and the sooner the better. Be Honest. Be Honest Early.
  3. Support for mobile phones. Like most sites out there, is almost impossible to browse using a modern smartphone. I have often wanted to check the site early in the morning -- before I even get out of bed -- using my phone, but it is very difficult to view the website because it is designed for a big screen, with no consideration for mobile visitors. The owners of must realize that over 50% of all web viewing today is done using a small resolution screen (like that on a cellphone). To see what I mean, look at the website on your laptop and then look at it on your smart phone. Then look at on your smart phone.
  4. Sort communications by lady. It would make it much easier to view letters sorted by lady, and time (latest first, as it is now). In fact, the website needs something like a tree-like hierarchy to represent conversations. I would suggest a model like gmail.
  5. Search inside letters. I often want to look for something she mentioned many letters ago, but I must search letter by letter. Surely the letters are stored in a SQL db or something, and they can be easily searched.
  6. Show images already sent. I have dozens of photos I might send. I'd like to see what I have already sent to a particular lady, so that I don't accidentally resend the same image multiple times. Display a mosaic of all images I have ever sent to anyone on Gray out those I've sent to a given lady, or use some visual graphic to show that she has already gotten this image from me. Allow me to multi-select three to send to her. Look at how facebook handles images.
  7. Allow bulk upload of my images. I would like to upload all my images in one go to my Chnlove account -- let's call it my "private gallery" -- then cherry-pick from that selection as I progress.
  8. View all images so far per lady. Every picture received from a lady would be saved to my profile under the lady's name, so I could view all pictures from any one of the ladies I have communicated with.
  9. Same image features for ladies. I very often get the same image multiple times from a lady, which always disappoints me. Maybe she loses track or forgets which ones she has already sent to me, but she should have the same image selection available to her, with a similar representation to show which ones she has already sent to a given man.
  10. Encourage ladies to write quality letters. One of the most off-putting letters is one full of "I love you, I love you, I love, kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss" and on and on. Again, it is important for the lady to understand that the man is paying for the letter, so he will be put off by ladies spending his money on fluffy emails that clearly have not taken any effort.
  11. Autosave on edit. I don't like to type letters into Notepad or such, because I can't see how close I am getting to the 6,000 character limit. You might also use a kind of colored status bar to show how much of 6,000 character limit I have already typed. It needs to save letter every minute or so. Take a look at how blog software or gmail or such work.
  12. Don't kill letter on failed send. A few times, I clicked Send after typing a letter only to lose the letter because, for example, the network was down for that moment. I got some kind of message to say the send failed, but the typed letter was gone. Pretty basic stuff this, fellas. Real websites don't ask the user to "type it somewhere else then paste here". That just tells the visitor your website is not robust.
  13. Allow receivers to rate letters. I would allow each reader to rate a letter with 1 to 5 stars, or maybe give textual feedback also. If, at a future date, the lady has ratings from more than let's say 2 or 3 men, she can view her ratings and feedback presented anonymously. I would rate on length, content quality, and photo quality. and some textual feedback. I think you will find that many ladies will score badly on letter length.
Alright, so that's my feedback to the Chnlove website development team, if they ever read this... Add a comment below if you do! 
Thanks and keep up the great work!

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