Monday, March 26, 2012

It all happens very fast on if you're ready for it

In my first few encounters on Chnlove, I was struck by how quickly the ladies were willing to develop the relationship. It became apparent to me that most of the women were there to find a life long partner, and to find him quickly.

And if you ever get to visit one of these fine ladies in her home country of China, and spend perhaps a week or two with her, you will likely see another door open wide for you: If the lady you are visiting is interested in you, she will likely make her intentions obvious. Be prepared to take a chance and ask her to marry you if you think she is suitable.

I don't know what the statistics are, but I would guess, among those from Chnlove who eventually tie the knot, most are engaged after just one visit.

And why not? Life is short, and marriage is a risk no matter what you do. Why not go for it if you love her and she loves you. You already know it won't be like the average Western relationship where everyone is expecting eternal love and devotion, but not expecting to give it. Your Chinese bride will be your ever-devoted wife and partner. But you already knew that, or you wouldn't be reading this.


  1. So, were you successful? I hope so and best wishes!

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  3. I agree with you in this, man. I chatted a lady on last month using the free chat voucher. After the 2 minutes period the chat ended abruptly. Sensing the lady might be feels being played, I used my free bonus points to write an EMF mail to the lady. Thinking that what could be done with free items nowadays, I didn't have any higher expectation to the damsel other than ignored.

    Surprisingly, her reply came almost instantly. She thanked me for writing to her, she said she liked my writing (well, I wrote the mail with words which laced with
    some poetic essence LOL) and she made a brief introduction of herself.

    I was unable to reply her mail at that time. Well, something came up and you know, the words in an appealing mail needs to be thought carefully. After few days, while I was preparing to reply her first mail, I've got another mail from her.

    She wrote that she is curious about me not replying her mail. She even asked do I still remember her and she hoped to take our relationship into the next level. She attached some of her previously unseen pics. I realized that she looks even prettier in her casual clothing. What a lady.

    So I wrote a reply for both of her mails at once, apologizing for made her waiting for a while. I introduced myself properly and reciprocate her hopes (well man, I couldn't think of a better offer than a lady willing to share ups and downs together, silly me!)... Same as before, her reply came almost instantly!

    For now I am comfortable with our correspondence. Who knows, in few months I will be ready to pay her my first visit. Anyway, for those who successfully met their significant others on chnlove, congrats. Wish me luck ;)